The Living Rent Campaign's Private Renting Survey
We are keen to hear about your private renting experiences.  The results will help with campaigning and reform goals for private renters.  

Your answers will be kept strictly confidential.
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About your home / repairs

Which area do you live?

What's your gender?

What is your age?

How many adults (aged 18+) live in your home?

How many children (under 18) live in your home?

Is your household?

How many bedrooms are there?

Do you have a communal living room?

Would you consider your home to be in a decent condition?

Is your home in disrepair at present?

If your home is in disrepair please give details, otherwise please use the arrow to continue.

How easy is it to get repairs done?

Please give details about any repairs.

About affordability

Do you feel your rent is...

How much is the total monthly rent for the whole property?

Or, if applicable, per room?

How much (if any) are any other payments to landlords or letting agencies per month?

Please can you estimate what % of your income you spend on rent?

About the security of your tenancy

How long have you lived in your current home?

How long do you expect to stay in your present home?

For you, this time is....

How secure do you feel in your tenancy?

Please explain why you feel this level of security / insecurity, and any other comments on length of stay.

About your lettings agents / landlord

How easy is it to get a response from your landlord / letting agent?

Do you think that the letting agent fees you pay are reasonable?

Please add any comments about your lettings agents / landlords.

Along with others, the Living Rent Campaign are pressing to set a "good landlord" scheme for landlords wanting to offer more secure, more affordable accommodation with good standards.  We know some landlords are interested in this.  Please read the poss

Lower rents (not more than maximum payable in benefit top ups - approx 100% more than council rents Ave £720 per month)

Easier to heat homes (higher thermal comfort - Energy rating E or better).

Longer tenancies (at least 3 years)

Prompt and efficient repairs

Is a decent home standard

Please add any comments you have about a good landlord scheme

Are you interested in finding out more on any of the following?

If you would like to supply your (confidential) name and address please do.

Thank you for spending time completing this survey, your answers will be very useful in helping to bring about changes in the Private Rented Sector.

Should you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at, or visit us at

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